Brasa Fire Inc. is no longer conducting business in the USA.

Salvage Design is the only internet reseller in the United States with limited Brasa inventory available. Please note Salvage Design is unable to answer questions regarding past consumer purchases from Brasa or other retailers and once they have sold out of inventory they will not be able to restock products, as Brasa is no longer manufacturing or distributing and has closed its US-based operations.

To purchase custom lantern surrounds from New Orleans-based ceramic artist Belinda Black of Chez Clay Ceramic Studio, submit an inquiry to Belinda below. The ceramic surrounds range in price from $50-$90, and the burner inserts are $27 (round) and $32 (oval). Please note Belinda does not sell other Brasa products.

For outstanding administrative issues, contact Brasa's corporate dissolution manager below. Please do not use this contact form to inquire about ordering products or about past orders; the only messages that will be responded to are those that are directly related to corporate dissolution matters.

To download product information manuals, visit How It Works.